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WERTE is a Comedia theatre and C.T 201 production.

It´s about identity and what a unified Europe means today. 

It is a contemporary look upon the atmosphere in Germany and Europe in the face of meeting the big immigration wave from south middle east after the Arab Spring.

Which values grow and what is the german identity and the dreams at the moment? 

When does the use of values become something dangerous and which values are at the moment used to protect the nation?

In a flow of text, dance and deconstruction of the room it is pushing the limits of the theatre room and what theatre could be like as well as our ideas of what a united Europe is today. 

The script was developed throughout workshops, interviews and conversations in refugee habitations and in conversations with the ensemble. 

Premiered 15h September 2018, Comedia theatre, Köln. 

Director and idea: Manuel Moser 

Choreographer: Julia Kraus Dybeck 

Scenography & costume design: 

Dramaturg: Katja Winke

Director assistant: Hanna Westerboer

Actors: Jennifer Ewert, Öğünç Kardelen, Sibel Polat

Music: Öğünç Kardelen

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