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25th Sep- 27th Sep / 20th Oct - 15th Dec, Rehearsal director and dramaturg for new Production by Saar Magal at Theater Basel. Premiere 15th Dec  

4th Sep - 16th Sep - Riksteatern Helsingborg. 

28th aug - 1st sep - Teaching Feldenkrais at RegionTeater Väst. 

31st aug - 25th aug - Teaching Feldenkrais at Cullberg. 

22d - 26th May - Teaching Feldenkrais at Cullberg. 

27th April - 17th Mai - Tour with "Act as if" with Scenkonst Sörmland. 

17th - 21st / 4 - Teching Feldenkrais and improvisation at Regionteater Väst, 

Premiere "Act as if" Årsta folkets Hus, Stockholm. 21st and 22d February, school performances at 10.00 and 12.00 o´clock.
Starting rehearsals for "Ac
t as if"!
Premiere at Årsta Folkets Hus 21st and 22d of February. 

9th - 13th January
Teaching Feldenkrais into improvisation at Danscentrum Malmö and Skånes Dansteater, Malmö.


Dramaturgical work and choreographer assistant for the production "10 odd emotions" by  Saar Magal at Schauspiel Frankfurt.

Workshop for professional dancers at Östersund and Kramfors arranged by Danscentrum Norr. 
Östersund 3d - 4th of Dec 
Kramfors: 5th of Dec 

August - October 

Rehearsal Director for  the production "Love me more" by Saar Magal at Schauspiel Köln. Premiere 15th of October. 

Feldenkrais classes for professional dancers at Dance Centrum Stockholm 

Residency and practice research at Kelim Dance studio, Tel Aviv, Israel together with co creator Maya Tamir.
With support by Kelim Dance studio, Tel Aviv and Konstnärsnämnden, Sweden. 

Premiere of I Anden at Strindberg Intima Teater

More information about more performance dates soon!

Premiere of Zoomland - Lights Out, Performance Lecture at Scenkonst Sörmland 

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