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BORTFALL is a predecessor work to Short interruptions before we continue. 

With inspiration from the book 'The man who exchanged his wife for a hat' by Oliver Sacks it explores and celebrates the richness of dissimilarity and the freedom in the place of non-knowledge and loosing control. 


Through a poetic, absurd and tragicomic language its a bold game with diagnosis where we question the power of the word and the effect psychiatric definitions have as well as it´s a play with perspectives and what it would be like to relate, listen, feel each other in different and perhaps more sensible ways.

Choreographer / Director: Julia Kraus Dybeck

In cooperation with: Elin Hallgren, Åsa Lundvik Gustafson, Emelie Wahlman 

Sounddesign: Tanya Byrne 

Mentor: Carina Reich 

Final production a of Master in directing at SAADA - Stockholm University of art.

Photo: Bengt Söderström

Stockholm Fringe festival seminar- work in progress

Bortfall- work in progress.

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