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Julia Kraus is a dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm, Sweden at the moment. In 2011 she graduated from the Maslool, in Tel Aviv, Israel and has since then taken a Master in Directing for movement and performance based Art at Stockholm university of Arts as well as she at the moment is taking a degree Feldenkrais.  


Kraus did her dance education and worked as a dancer in Israel during 10 years with choreographers like Roy Assaf, Rotem Tashach, Maya Brinner, Adi Shildan, Dana Yahalomi, Irad Mazliah among others. During 2009 - 2010 she did the Matan project - artistic director Hillel Kogan run by Matan Organization and Batsheva Dance Company. 


As a choreographer she´s been doing both her own productions, internationell cooperations as well as creating for stages like RIKSTEATERN, ZEBRA DANS, SCENKONST SÖRMLAND, COMEDIA THEATRE, STRINDBERGS INTIMA TEATER, ORIONTEATERN. 

With an education in Dance, directing and dramaturgy Julia is a choreographer interested in interdisciplinary work, in video art, movement within a theatrical framing, and the melt point between media combinations with the body as start point.

She is interested in the Thinking body; the body- and movements take and perception of reality. Fantom bodies, consciousness, suggestive values and questions around identity are often present in her work. 

Her work often has a tragicomic language and moves through suggestive and poetic landscapes. 


Academy of Ballet, Stockholm, exam 2006

Matte Asher School of Performing Arts - Kibbutz Gaaton, Israel, exam 2009

Maslool, Tel Aviv, Israel, exam 2011

International and Israeli repertoire: Sharon Eyal, Mats Ek, Inbal Pinto,  Barak Marsall, Jiri Kiljan, Anjelan Preljocaj, Yasmeen Godder, Itzik Galili. 

Original creations for the Maslool by: Roy Assaf, Micheal Gethman, May Zarhi, Yossi Berg and Oded Graf. 

Master degree in Directing and Dramaturgy, SKH Stockholm University of Art 2018

Feldenkrais, Brussels, exam 2022


Dancer: (selected work) 


I Anden, Short interruptions, HarmoniAgnst, RetzoutBand (dancer in own work) 


LOVE STORIES, Mari Carrasco (2016) 


GUIDED TOUR, Maya Brinner (2013) 


GILRS, Member of Roy Assaf dance company (2013- 2015) 

SPIKE STORY, Irad Mazliah (2012)

MATAN PROJECT, artistic director Hillel Kogan, project run by Batsheva ensemble and Matan Organisation ( 2009 - 2010 ) 

TERROR, Dana Yahalomi (2008) 

Choreographer: (selected work) 

I ANDEN, by Mira Eklund and Julia Kraus Dybeck. (choreographer, director, dancer) Strindberg Intima Teater 2021

 ZOOMLAND - LIGHTS OUT, (choreography, dancer) Scenkonst Sörmland 2021 

DARK MINDS by Mari Carrasco and Isabel Cruz Liljegren, (choreographer assistant) Riksteatern 2021

OTYPER, director and script Isak Hjelmskog and Moa Möller, (choreographer) Riksteatern 2020

ACT AS IF / VA E' GREJEN? (choreographer) Zebra Dans 2020


HILBERTS HOTELL by Mira Eklund, Orionteatern, Atalante, Inkonst, 2020. (choreographer) 2019

HARMONIAGNST, work in progress. Julia Kraus Dybeck and Åsa Lundvik Gustafson, (choreographer, dancer) Terrier/Skeppsholmsstudio, 2019 

HARMONIAGNST, creation for students year 2 at Balettakademien Stockholm,  Choreography Julia Kraus Dybeck and Åsa Lundvik Gustafson, 2019

WERTE, cooperation between Manuel Moser/C.T company, Comedia theater Köln and Julia Kraus Dybeck (choreographer) 2019

SHORT INTERRUPTIONS BEFORE WE CONTINUE (choreographer, dancer), Årsta Folketshus  2019

BORTFALL, Final production STHD. (choreographer) 2018

REAKTORHALLEN, audiovisual projection work by Mira Eklund and Julia Kraus Dybeck. Music Tanya Byrne, Reaktorhallen, 2017 

FROM A TO B (cooperation between Riksteatern, Assitej Sweden and Comedia theatre Köln) initiator Julia Kraus Dybeck, 

in cooperation with Basel Antoun, Bianca Traum, Mariko Kinda. 2017

THIS IS NOT, cooperation with DOCH, school of dance and circus (choreographer) 2017

SABELLES RÖDA KLÄNNING, by Marina Michaelidou Kadi, directing/ adaptation Anders Alnemark, scenography/costume Hanna Cecilia Lindkvist, Teater fredag, (choreographer) 2016

READY READY, by Mari Carrasco, Dansens Hus 2016 ( Choreographer assistant and co-creator)

רצועות // CONNECTIONS, Machol Shalem dance festival, Tmuna theatre, Orionteatern. Idea and choreography Eyar Blumberg and Julia Kraus Dybeck (choreographer, dancer)  2014




Teaching and choreographic mentor at Balettakademin Stockholm (ongoing work since 2019) 

ex: piece and dance film by Felicia Nilsson and Johanna Primavera made during choreographic mentoring, chosen to represent Balettakademin Kulturnatten Stockholm 2021.

Lektör at Royal Dramatic theatre 2018 - 2019 

Courses and supplementary education: 

École des Sable, International professional workshop, Atour des danses  - D'Afrique centrale, Senegal 2021.

Emanuel Gat workshop, Montreal 2019 

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