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Feldenkrais is a somatic movement technique where we work with inner movement and out.

Through often minimalistic movements we work in order to open for new chains of thoughts and movement possibilities, to break habitual patterns and balance our nervous system. 

It's about self organisation, body awareness, about articulation and raising awareness of ones own movements and capacities to reach our full potential.  

It´s both a physical and neurological work where we by easy movements move through blockages caused by injury, stress, trauma and integrate new options in our emotional- and nervous system. 

It´s injury-preventing, pain- and stress-reducing and can be used both for rehabilitation, as physiotherapy but also as a training and practice to find calm, flow, physical presence and new movement possibilities and to anchor oneself in the body. 

In Feldenkrais we look at the body as a whole and look for where the tensions and the dysfunction comes from in connection to the whole body and not just a local area. 

I'm interested in the thinking body both as a start point in life and in my artistic work. Im interested in the impact of imagination and the connection between thought and movement, both things are something we work actively with in a creative way in Feldenkrais.

The practice gives space and exercises for unmeasurable values such as; intuition, sensing, listening from a physical point of view. 

It´s both a very precise, sensible and poetic work. 

Im interested in Feldenkrais both from a healing point of view as well as in intergrading it in my artistic work as a dancer and choreographer. 

Feldenkrais is used all over the world in the field of rehabilitation, motion and sports and is very popular and widely used among the Art field such as in stage art and among dancers, actors and musicians. But can be practised by anyone! 

Online Feldenkrais classes every Wednesday at 18.30! 
9 € // 100 kr







For private group bookings please contact me at:





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