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I ANDEN is a free interpretation of August Strindbergs Toten Insel. Here as an Ockult Talkshow, a concert and a movement performance where different expressions, medias and ways of existence collide and meet.

Toten Insel is the island of death, the space in between and in our work a fantasy and a speculation around what life after and death could look like. 

In the search for answers and questions we invite guesting spirits to our show and start together with them a search through chains of memories, forgotten worlds, dreams and atmospheres. 

How would it feel like to die? What kind of a place is death? What is the meaning of what´s forgotten and of loss? What stands in the foreground of ones own shadow? - are questions building up throughout the show. 

Theatre is a place always haunted by fiction and spirit and the talkshow is our point of lookout. 

Guesting Spirits : 

Cecilia Edefalk / August Strindberg, Artist and Medium.

Per Faxneld, Docent in western esotericism and alternative spirituality.

Anders Omstedt, Author and Oceanlog.

Idé concept and script: Mira Eklund & Julia Kraus Dybeck 

Choreography: Julia Kraus Dybeck 

Musik composition: Mira Eklund 

On stage: Matilda Bilberg, Mira Eklund, Julia Kraus Dybeck, Åsa Lundvik Gustafson.

Video/projections/editing: Michael Cedlind, Kim Ekberg, Thomas Zamolo. 

Light: Gustave Lund.  

Trailer: Michael Cedlind

Photo: Alexandra Larsson Jacobson 
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