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OTYPER is a humorous and norm critical performance that celebrates critical thinking and stresses the freedom of imagination.  

In Otyper different archetypes are slowly being transformed and liberated into new shapes as they meet and interact with each other in a game with costume and stereotypical behaviours. 


The piece is for the age 7 - 9 year olds.

Premiere 3d of March, 2020. Riksteatern Barn och Unga, Stockholm. 

Written by Moa Möller, Isak Hjelmskog
Directed by Isak Hjelmskog
Choreography by Julia Kraus Dybeck

Actors/dancers: Mina Azarian, Lucas Carlsson, Lilja Fredrikson

Sound: Elize Arvefjord

Scenography/Costume: Moa Möller 

Mask: Eva Rizell
Light: Holger Tistad

Photo: Moa Möller
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