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Photo: Thomas Zamolo

ACT AS IF / VA E' GREJEN? is a rythmical game with the rules and structures that applies within the classroom.

In a Dogville atmosphere and in an absurd and tragicomic language it deals with the questions- How to become in relation to each other and in relation to the rules and expectations that are put upon us.


For the age 13 - 15 years old.

Premiered 8th of May 2020, Zebra Dans, Stockholm.

Choreographer: Julia Kraus Dybeck 

Dancers: Jade Stenhujis/ Elin Hallgren, Åsa Lundvik Gustafson

Composer: Hans Appelqvist

Video and editing: Natan Berkowicz, Martin Malm, Thomas Zamolo 

Sociologist and interview work: David Redmalm and Julia Kraus Dybeck 

Light: Clyde Blomberg

Zebra Dans and Julia Kraus Dybeck production. 


"Act as if" will have new premiere at Årsta Folkets Hus the 21st and 22d of February !! 

The production is a part of Kulan and has Kulan Premien.


For bookings contact: Julia Kraus Dybeck 


Phone: 070-2805903

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