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4 telephones, 8 answering machines and 100 plastic bags. 

FROM A TO B started as a project in Köln at Comedia theatre supported by Assitej Sweden and Riksteatern as a part of a project against rasism in a time of change in Europe during the massive immigration wave 2015.

The idea started at a workshop through the Red cross led by Mari Carrasco, Julia Kraus Dybeck and Bianca Traum during the production "Ready Ready"  by Mari Carrasco

The project is about wordless communication and safety, explored through elements of folklore dances like Dabke, Hora dance and contemporary techniques.

The research and the work  was creating in a continuous flow of conversations and workshops with new arriving immigrants, in Stockholm through the Red Cross and Frivillig delaktighet and in Köln by visiting and arranging workshops at immigration habitations and at Comedia theatre. 

Parts of the project was presented by Julia Kraus Dybeck and Bianca Traum June 2016 at Comedia theatre, Köln.

The piece should have been performed at "Shadowland" festival at Stadsteatern Skärholmen which was unfortunately cancelled. 

Initiativ/ concept/ idea: Julia Kraus Dybeck

In cooperation with dancers: Basel Antoun, Bianca Traum, Mariko Kida.

Thank to all participants at workshops in Stockholm, Södertälje and Köln, to Assitej Sweden and Comedia theatre. 

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