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ZOOMLAND - LIGHTS OUT is a research project on zoom due to the current Covid pandemic, leading to a Performance Lecture at Scenkonst Sörmland.  

During spring 2021, 5 choreographers from Israel and Sweden met over zoom each one bringing in a theme they wished to deepen and explore together with the group. The themes covered ghosting, phantom fantasies and memory exploration, deep listening in layers and sound exploration from a physical and sensible point of view, such as vibration etc.

After the researchperiod the artists met in space at Scenkonst Sörmland and developed a Performance Lecture through a two week long intuitive process. 


Following intuitive choices the work grew into a sound based performance exploring digital intimacy and disconnection by moving through layers of sound, body and consciousness in a concert of voices, video work, soundscapes and interactive movements - Zooming in and out together with the audience.

The project was an initiativ to support choreographic and artistic growth and international cooperations during the Covid pandemic. 

The choreographers were interested in the meeting point between artistic research, collective- and intuitive processes. 

The Performance Lecture premiered at Scenkonst Sörmland 27th September 2021. 


Initiation: Julia Kraus Dybeck 

Choreographers: Maya Brinner, Rebecca Chentinell, Julia Kraus Dybeck, Jannine Rivel, Maya Tamir. 

Lightdesign: Ronald Salas

Sound & DJ: Heikki Kiviaho

Production, Scenkonst Sörmland

Photo: pavleheidler
Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 11.19.19.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 13.16.43.png
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