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רצועות // CONNECTIONS is a trio work exploring the physicality, phycology and feelings around Falling. 

First premiered at Machol Shalem Dance Festival -  for independent choreographers, Jerusalem, 2011. 

Later on performed at Tmuna theatre Tel Aviv and guest performances at Orionteatern, Stockholm 2012 - 2013. 

Choreography: Eyar Blumberg and Julia Kraus Dybeck 

Dancers: Eyar Blumberg, Noa Mamrud, Julia Kraus Dybeck 

Original cast: Eyar Blumberg, Julia Kraus Dybeck, Tali Marcow

Sounddesign: Ori Avni

Cinematography for trailer: Daniel Miller
Editing: Doron Djerassi
Production: Vadim Dumesh

Photo: Yossi Zwecker
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